Borrowing and Returning

Borrowing media

Self-checkout machines in the Campus Nord Branch Library

 Anja Müller

Most of the media of the Campus Nord Branch Library can be borrowed. Journals are an exception. A scanner and copying machines are available for scanning and copying individual articles and extracts from books (for a fee). The corresponding fees can be found in the price list.

Books are usually borrowed via one of the self-checkout machines. In order to use a self-checkout machine, you need a valid library card and a PIN. The PIN must be assigned in your user account prior to borrowing media of the library. Some media require our staff to manually loan it to you via the information desk. A yellow round label will indicate such media.

Loan periods and renewals

The general loan period is 28 days and can be extended to a maximum loan period of 84 days. Renewal is only possible when the book is not pre-ordered by another user. The loan periods may vary for individual user groups, which is why it is recommended to check the overview of loan periods to learn about the different loan statuses of the University Library.

Please note: media marked with the label "Tagesausleihe" (daily loan) can only be borrowed until the next day.


Returns and renewals

Self-return machine in the Campus Nord Branch Library

 Anja Müller

You can return and renew the loan of your borrowed books via the self-return machine positioned in the foyer of the Campus Nord Branch Library. Books from the Jacob-und-Wilhelm-Grimm-Zentrum, the Science Branch Library (Erwin-Schrödinger-Zentrum) and Foreign Languages/Literatures Library including the Centre for British Studies, can be returned or renewed using the self-return machine. It is also possible to return or renew books from the Campus Nord Branch Library in the libraries stated above. Other branch libraries are currently not able to offer this service.


Fees and payment

MensaCard logo

Fees may be incurred due to late loan deadlines, interlibrary loan orders, or loss of library cards, media, and keys. Fees are paid at the Campus Nord Branch Library by MensaCard (which is also integrated in the HU CampusCard) at the self-checkout machines. It is also possible to pay via bank transfer after the University Library has issued an invoice.

Please note: No cash is accepted!


Orders from closed stacks

You can order closed stack items via the Primus search portal. The following modalities apply:

  • In-house media will be made available within one working day, media from the external magazine stack  within four working days 
  • You will receive an e-mail notification when the medium has been made available 
  • The ordered media can be borrowed or used on-site for the duration of seven days

Loanable holdings

Once made availabe, you will find the ordered media on the collection shelf on the ground floor of the library.

Non-loanable holdings

Items from the stacks that cannot be borrowed can only be used on-site. In this case, please refer to our staff at the information desk after you have received an e-mail notification.

Holdings worth protecting

Holdings of the Campus Nord Branch Library

 Victoria Marquardt

Holdings worth protecting (e.g., all media published before 1850) can only be viewed under supervision. After ordering, they will be made available for you at the information desk.

The following things must be considered when using holdings worth protecting:

  • The supervised use is possible Monday to Thursday from 9.00 - 15.00h, and Friday from 9.00 - 13.00h
  • Only pencils are allowed at the workplace
  • All sort of drinks are prohibited
  • The media cannot be copied
  • Scans can be made on request