Research Data

Research data is data that is created during the research process or as its result.

Researchers of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin are required to store research data securely, to process and document it appropriately, to retain it for the long-term and to make it publicly accessible as early as possible. This and more is specified in the Research Data Management Policy of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

Support and further information

Together with the Computer and Media Service and the Research Service Centre, the university library participates in the Research Data Management initiative. This initiative serves as the first point of contact and support for researchers at Humboldt-Universität regarding all aspects of research data. For this purpose, it operates a website on research data management.

Publication of research data

The publication of research data serves, among other things, the re-use in further research and the possibility of verifying published research results. Therefore, the publication of research data is increasingly required by research funding institutions and practiced by scientists. In many cases, the research data is published together with the research results. Like scientific publications, research data can be published freely accessible according to the principle of open access. Accordingly, this is called open data. Open access repositories or special data repositories are often used for this purpose. Members of Humboldt-Universität can publish their research data via Humboldt-Universität's repository, the so-called edoc-Server. Scientists of Humboldt-Universität are recommended to make their research data publicly accessible as early as possible in accordance with the Open Access Declaration of Humboldt-Universität.