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Exterior view of the Campus Nord Branch Library

 Anja Müller 

The Campus Nord Branch Library comprises holdings of Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences, Biosciences, Sports Sciences as well as English/American Studies and its historical collections. An overview of each subject and its focus areas can be found here.

The Campus Nord Branch Library holds a scientific book stock of about 500,000 items and provides a comprehensive range of electronic journals, e-books and subject databases.

In addition, the branch library offers diverse places for learning. We provide around 400 workstations (40 of which are equipped with a computer) arranged in three reading rooms, several smaller reading areas, eight group study rooms, a computer room and several lounge zones. Wi-Fi/WLAN (access via eduroam) is available throughout the library. Special facilities of the branch library include the family room and a wheelchair-accessible workstation on the ground floor.



Flyer of the Campus Nord Branch Library (pdf)

The flyer is also available at the information desk in the Branch Library Campus Nord.


The floor plan (pdf) provides an overview of the Campus Nord Branch Library.