Loan Periods and Extension

Loan Periods

There are three loan statuses at the University Library:

  • 4-week loan
  • Short loan
  • Day loan

The following periods apply at all locations of the University Library. Only in the Law Branch Library there are different regulations, which refer to the short loan: Students from other universities can borrow media with the status "short loan" for one day, other external users cannot borrow them at all.

Loan status First loan period Extendable (max.)
4-week loan 28 days 182 days
Short loan 7 days 28 days
Day loan 1 day (i.e. until the
next opening day)
not renewable

Extended loan periods apply to HU employees:

Loan status First loan period Extendable (max.)
4-week loan 56 days 182 days
Short loan 28 days 182 days
Day loan 28 days not renewable

The lending conditions of the media are also displayed to you during the literature search in Primus (after logging in). For more information on loan periods, please visit the location pages of the respective branch library.

In addition, many locations have holdings that you cannot borrow, so-called "reference stocks" (e.g., journals). These can only be viewed on site. The Classical Archaeology Branch Library is a pure reference library.


Renewals are only possible on your own via your library account.

In the following cases, renewal is no longer possible:

  • The medium is already reserved.
  • The maximum loan period has been reached.
  • The library account is suspended or expired.

The sending of reminder emails is a service of the University Library. It does not release you from your obligation to monitor the loan period of the media you have borrowed. If you did not receive a reminder email, this does not entitle you to a waiver of any late fees.

The e-mail address stored in the library account can be changed by non-HU members.


If you need the media beyond the maximum loan period, you can return them at the return machines (Grimm-Zentrum, Branch Library Campus Nord, Science Branch Library (Erwin-Schrödinger-Zentrum), Branch Library of Foreign Languages/Literatures, German Studies and Scandinavian Studies Branch Library) or at the service counters, and borrow them again immediately. The prerequisite for this is that the item has not been reserved by other users.

Help and Contact

If you have any questions about borrowing or returning items, please contact the circulation desk by email.

Alternatively, you can contact us via online consultation.