You can find both printed and electronic journals in the Zeitschriftendatenbank (ZDB) and in our Primus Gateway.


Please enter the following information in the Journal Database (Zeitschriftendatenbank) or in our Primus Gateway:

  1. Branch library in which the journal is available
  2. Volume of the journal
  3. Signature of the journal

In many cases, you can use this information to view journals immediately at the book location in the open access area.

Please note the following information:

  • Journals cannot be borrowed from outside the library, but can only be used within the library.
  • Current issues of periodicals can be found in a separate periodical display.
  • Journals and newspapers that are not on display in the open access area must be ordered.
  • If you do NOT see the button Reserve/Order after logging into Primus, please complete the form for ordering journals for holdings located in the Grimm Zentrum, UG ....
  • In the Grimm Zentrum, ordered journals are made available in the research reading room on the 6th floor.

Electronic Journals

Please always observe the licence conditions when using electronic journals.

You must be connected to the HU network to access chargeable resources. Please inform yourself about the technical requirements for this.

Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek (EZB)

In the EZB you can check which journals are available digitally, which of them are accessible in full text at the HU University Library and which are not free of charge, i.e. where only tables of contents or abstracts can usually be viewed.

The traffic light labelling will help you to differentiate:

grüne Ampel  the full text of the journal is generally freely accessible.

gelbe Ampel  access is only free for members of the HU (licence agreements) or only certain volumes are free.

rote Ampel  the full text is available on the web, but the HU has not concluded any licences for it. Nevertheless, it is worth visiting the journal pages, as additional information such as abstracts or the author's e-mail address may be available.

Journal Database (ZDB)

The ZDB also gives you access to electronic journals via the EZB.


You can also access electronic journals and individual online articles from Primus.

Ordering non-HU holdings via interlibrary loan

If you cannot obtain the journal you need from us in print or electronically, you are welcome to use the interlibrary loan service.

You can find out how interlibrary loan works at the HU in our tutorial.

If you have any questions, please contact the information staff at the Grimm Zentrum or the staff at the respective branch library.