Subject Holdings

Subjects covered by Campus Nord Library

The following subjects-1 are covered by the Campus Nord Branch Library:

Focus areas: Crop Science, Livestock Science, Horticultural Sciences, Agroecology, Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture, Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Social Sciences

Focus areas: Language and Linguistics, Literature and Culture of Great Britain, of Ireland, of the USA and of Canada, Literature on General Linguistics and Literary Studies 

Focus areas: Biophysics, Botany, Didactics of Biology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology, Theoretical Biology, Zoology

Focus areas: Training and Movement Sciences, Didactics and Methodology of Physical Education, Sports History, Sports Medicine, Educational Science of Sports, Psychology of Sports, Sociology of Sports

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Information about the shelving of the library's book stock 

The shelving at Campus Nord Branch Library follows the Regensburger Verbundklassifikation (RVK). Older items are partly still listed according to in-house classifications. These books and journals will be gradually reorganized according to the RVK.

Media that are part of a Course Reserve Collection (Semesterapparat) can be found on the ground floor of the Campus Nord Branch Library, in room 0.42B.



In addition to the old and rare books stock of the Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences and the former Zoological Institute, our stock also includes the following historical scholars' libraries (Gelehrtenbibliotheken).


Historical Scholars' Library Karl Wassmannsdorff (*24.04.1821 in Berlin, †06.08.1906 in Heidelberg)

View of the historical old stock of the Campus Nord Branch Library

 Victoria Marquardt

The sports historian and sports pedagogue Karl Wassmannsdorff (1821-1906) received his doctorate from the University of Jena in 1863. Thanks to his memorandum on the role of gymnastics, the Gymnastics Teacher Training College (Turnlehrer-Bildungsanstalt) was founded in Karlsruhe in 1869. Karl Wassmannsdorff became a member of the board of the German Gymnastics Association (Deutsche Turnerschaft) in 1864 and received the Knight's Cross of the First Class from the Grand Duke of Baden for his services. He translated and researched a large number of historical sports writings from the Middle Ages onwards, which is why he is considered the progenitor of German sports historiography.

The search portal Primus offers a list of the holdings which are completely indexed. They can be ordered in the Campus Nord Branch Library for on-site use.

Size: approx. 530 volumes


Other Scholars' Libraries

The old and rare books stock of Sports Science include further scholars‘ libraries which are currently being recorded and processed, such as the scholars‘ library of the sports pedagogue Hermann Otto Kluge (*03.05.1813/1818 in Berlin, †19.12.1882 in Berlin) and the sports pedagogue Gebhard Eckler (*28.08.1932 in Eisleben, †25.06.1907 in Berlin).

Further information on the historical collections covered by the Humboldt-University Library can be found on the websites of the Historical Collections

The historical collections are stored in closed stacks. Information on ordering and using these holdings can be found under Borrowing and Returning.