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More than 200 years ago, the study of Economics was started at our university with a chair of Cameralism. Over time, different institutions of Economic Science emerged, right up to our current Faculty of Economics – all of them exerting considerable impact on national and international research. Changes in prevailing political circumstances from the early 19th century up to the present are reflected in our holdings which were subject to a number of fundamental realignments during the course of history. Due to the fact that Economics has always been a field distinctly shaped by ideological factors, a far-reaching reorganisation of library holdings in this area proved necessary after the political turnaround of 1989/90. However, substantial parts of the older German and foreign literature up to the early years of fascism have been preserved, among them numerous classical works in Economics and Business Administration. Substantial losses that occurred in the time of the Russian rule immediately after the Second World War have at least partly been replaced and amended through a significant permanent loan by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.


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In keeping with contemporary practice in the field of Economics, our current acquisition policy has a focus on the purchase of journals, with special emphasis on electronic versions. Likewise, electronic releases gain more and more importance with regard to monographic holdings.

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