Self-service scanner with book cradle

Free scanners (Zeutschel zeta Comfort) are available on floors 1 to 5 and in the research reading room. The output is done exclusively via USB.

Scanner mit Buchwippe

Scanner (Photo: Anna Lukasek)

Scanning with smartphone and scantent

Scan tents are available on floors 2 to 4.

Scanzelt (ScanTent) im Grimm-Zentrum

Scantent (Photo: Anna Lukasek)

All you need is your smartphone and any scanner app (quick start guide for Android and iOS, in German only). Position your smartphone on the tray at the top and place a book or document in the tent. The device ensures the optimal viewing angle and consistent distance. The text template is evenly illuminated by an LED light.

Copying and printing

Copying and printing is no longer possible in the library, therefore scanning has become free of charge for all users. In the course of sustainable development, all multifunction copiers were replaced by modern book scanners and scantents.