Barrier-free access

We want to ensure that a visit to the Grimm-Zentrum is as pleasant and uncomplicated as possible for anyone with a disability.
Have suggestions or questions, or want to let us know about a technical fault? Please get in touch with us:

Work booths for the blind on the second floor

Work booth 2.01, on the second floor opposite the information counter, has a workstation for the blind. To use this booth, please ask site security for the key and leave a deposit. You cannot currently reserve the booth.

The following equipment is available:

  • Keyboard with extra-large letters
  • Braille keyboard with 80 characters from the Braille Index
  • Epson scanner with OCR software
  • Braille printer - Everest V3
  • 19-inch monitor
  • Speakers and headphones
  • Windows XP Service Pack 2 with automated standard login
  • Internet access (Mozilla Firefox is the browser software available)
  • Screen content speech output (JAWS 8.0)
  • Office programs (Word, Excel, Power Point 2007)
  • Image editing program (Photo Impact)
  • Acrobat Reader
  • FineReader Sprint 5.0

The work booth is equipped with a telephone for internal calls. If you have any technical questions, please call the IT department staff (internal tel. 99354, from outside 030/2093-99354) or email them at


Work booths for people with visual and/or physical handicaps

Work booth 2.06 on the second floor has a PC workstation equipped with magnification software and other applications (but not software for the blind) designed for readers with visual and mobility handicaps.
To use this booth, please ask site security for the key and leave a deposit. You cannot currently reserve the booth.


Height-adjustable worktables

The Grimm-Zentrum has electrically height-adjustable worktables (75 to 100 cm) for accessible use on the following floors:

On the ground floor:

  • right behind the information counter (table without microfiche reader)
  • A research workspace in the foyer
  • Two worktables on the reading terrace

On the second floor:

  • The first table from the stairs on both reading terraces
  • A table in the corner of both areas A and B (table height 63 to 125 cm)
  • In the PC pool, room 2.306
  • In group rooms 2A and 2B

On the third floor:

  • The first table from the stairs on both reading terraces
  • In Group work room 3A

On the sixth floor:

  • In the research reading room (near the counter)

The desks are easy to raise and lower: there is an extendable switch beneath the table edge which you simply pull forward and then press the relevant arrow key.


Grimm-Zentrum access

The main and side entrances at Planckstr. 14 each have a ramp and an automatic door.

Parking spaces
There are 14 marked parking spaces for the handicapped at the Planckstr. 14 entrance.

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The foyer has accessible lockers for wheelchair users and lockers for the blind and partially sighted. Access cards for these lockers are available from site security on the ground floor.

All lifts on the premises are equipped with voice output and touch characters. The accessible lift on the eastern end of the premises provides access from the ground floor up to the seventh floor. The doors to the lift vestibule can be opened by pressing a button.
The lift on the western side of the building is also accessible, and offers access from the ground floor up to the fifth floor.

Service areas
The information, loan and return counters and the areas for collecting reserved items and inter-library loans are located on the ground floor. All three counters are equipped with induction looks to boost sound signals for hearing aids. The loan and return counters are height-adjustable and wheelchair-accessible.

Initial research area in foyer
There is a wheelchair-accessible, height-adjustable research area near the main entrance. There is a limited option to increase the screen display using the key combination Ctrl +/-.

Accessible toilets are available on the ground, second, third and fifth floors. The toilet on the second floor is height-adjustable and accessible from both sides.

Cafeteria and copy shop
The cafeteria is in the Grimm-Zentrum foyer, the copy shop is on the ground floor. Floors 1-5 also have scanning and printing rooms, all accessible via the lift.


Book boxes

The second to fifth floors have ‘book boxes’. These enable you to store items from the open stacks for up to three days. Please note that book boxes are accessible to all, so do not leave any private belongings or books which are on loan to your account.

  There are book boxes solely for use by the handicapped on the second floor, and one each on the third to fifth floors. These are identified with a relevant symbol.


What to do in the event of a fire

In the event of an emergency, wheelchair users visiting the Grimm-Zentrum unaccompanied should please move to the vestibule of fire service lift 4 (towards Geschwister-Scholl-Straße) on the relevant floor.

Blind and partially sighted individuals should immediately move from the corridors to the stairways, where they will receive any assistance they need.

People with hearing disabilities can obtain a device which offers a sensory alarm in the event of an emergency, available from the site security on the ground floor for the duration of their visit to the Grimm-Zentrum.


All information at a glance: Flyer

Flyer on Grimm-Zentrum services for the handicapped: PDF
You can also obtain information flyers in Braille or printed for the partially sighted from the information, loan and return desks inside the Grimm-Zentrum



Birgit Stumm
Head of User Services
Tel.: +49 30/2093-99327