Spatial Information System V:Scout

The spatial information system V:Scout offers a virtual view of the Grimm Zentrum and shows the way to service areas and collections. It offers either a 2D or 3D view.

From our Primus Search Gate, you can display the exact location of a book in V:Scout by clicking on "Show location" in the detailed displays for print holdings. A route to the title you are looking for will be suggested to you by means of a route marked in red.

You can also use the search function in V:Scout to search specifically for service areas such as WCs, scanners, group study rooms, etc.

You can also display, at least roughly, where which subject collections are located. However, it is more advisable to search directly for titles in Primus. From there you get the exact location display.

V:Scout can of course also be used with mobile devices.

v_scout logo.jpg

Direct link to V:Scout

Insights into V:Scout:

Map Grimm Zentrum

The start page of V:SCOUT with city map and search function, menu, view change and navigation


Way to Humboldt Hain

Result display of the search for "Humboldthain": on the left the description, on the right the route in 2D view


Show Item Location in Primus

In the detail view in Primus, clicking on "Show Item Location" leads to V:SCOUT


Way to Item in Primus

Routing from Primus via "Show location"


Mobile View

Mobile view, route to the pick-up shelf