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Studying On-Site

Please use your MensaCard or a padlock to lock away your bags and coats before you enter the library.

Please note that you need your MensaCard or a padlock for the lockers at the Grimm-Zentrum.


There are more than 1,300 lockers in the basement of the library lockable with a padlock (bow diameter of 5 to 6 millimetres).


  • Please use your MensaCard with a deposit of 1,55 Euros for the lockers on the ground floor.
  • You can buy a MensaCard at the dispenser in the left cube on the ground floor (minimum of 5 Euros) or at the library café in the left cube.


Clear library plastic bags can be purchased from the stationery machine in the lobby of the Grimm-Zentrum behind the cafeteria. You can also bring your own transparent bag. Free plastic bags are no longer available from the security staff.

For information about lockers at our various branch libraries please check the respective sites.