Hare and Hedgehog

The two transport robots Hare and Hedgehog drive in the library

 Anja Herwig, CC BY 4.0

The branch library of natural sciences is equipped with a driverless transport system and two associated transport robots called "Hare" and "Hedgehog". A transport system of this kind is unique in European libraries and is normally only used in industry.

With the help of this system, book transports from and to various transfer stations can be carried out independently and autonomously by library staff. Only the destination information in the form of a barcode, which is automatically read by the transport robots, has to be entered by an employee. Everything else, such as opening doors and operating the lift, can be done by "Hare" and "Hedgehog" completely independently.

Using reflectors and a laser on the device, the two transport robots orient themselves along fixed paths through the entire library.

Literature (in german only):

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Hare and hedgehog in the media (all in german)

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