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Head Librarian

Ida-Maria Mäder

Phone: +49 30 2093-99700
Fax: +49 30 2093-99705

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Studying On-Site

Cloack room

The library may not be entered in coats and jackets and only without rucksacks, bags and laptop sleeves.

Therefore, in our cloakroom there are lockers of different sizes to lock your bags, laptop cases and coats. To lock the cloakroom compartments, you will need to bring your own padlocks with you. The padlocks should be between 5 mm and 6 mm thick in order to secure the compartment effectively.

BiBtasche, padlocks and other items in the office supply vending machine

In the stationery vending machine you can purchase the BiBtasche as an alternative to our transport baskets. There you can also get secure padlocks for using the wardrobe and much more, e.g. whiteboard markers, USB sticks, erasers.

Please note: at the vending machine you can only pay with coins.

Catalogues on site


All freely accessible holdings of the Science Branch Library can be found in our Primus Gateway.

Almost all of our magazine holdings are also listed in Primus and can be ordered via Primus.  The few exceptions are only accessible via card and microfiche catalogues. Detailed information can be obtained from the information desk in the library.


View into the fully occupied reading room of the Science Branch Library.

 Anja Herwig, CC BY 4.0

In collaboration with the PC Hall of the CMS, the Science Branch Library offers you more than 400 workplaces, almost one half of them is equipped with a computer.

The library's modern equipment includes WLAN in all areas, power supply at all workplaces, PCs for image and graphics processing in the PC Hall, rooms for group study, study carrels, specially equipped workstations for disabled readers, a parent-child area and also a particularly quiet working area behind the Physics collection ("notebook-free zone").

Rooms for Group Study

View into the group room, three people stand at the whiteboard and consult each other.

 Anja Herwig, CC BY 4.0

The Branch Library of Natural Sciences offers five rooms for group study, which are located in the gallery. The rooms are not locked and can be used during library opening hours without prior request. You can just refer to the reservation list next to each room. Especially during the examination periods we recommend a reservation.


The rooms can be booked in person at the circulation desk, by telephone (+49 30 2093-70081) or by e-mail ( Please note that reservations must be made at least one day in advance, only a maximum of 14 days in advance and for a maximum of three dates per week.

Terms of use

  • The rooms are equipped with whiteboards. You have to bring your own pens - please make sure to use only suitable pens!
  • Special materials are available for cleaning the whiteboards - if they are dirty, you will receive a replacement at the counter.
  • There is power supply for your mobile devices in each room for group study.
  • Finally, please note that the group study rooms are also part of the library and are not soundproofed - please work as quietly as possible there as well.

Study Carrels

Study Carrels in the Science Branch Library

 Eckart Schulz, CC BY 4.0

For writing a thesis, members and guests of Humboldt-Universität can use one of the 14 available individual study carrels free of charge for one calendar month after prior application.

The application requirements and terms of use can be found in the information sheet (pdf); the application is available at the counter of the Science Branch Library.




Lockable Book Trolleys

Lockable book trolleys in the Science Branch Library

 Anja Herwig, CC BY 4.0

In addition to the study carrels, students and doctoral candidates of Humboldt University have the opportunity to use one of the five lockable book trolleys to store work materials in the library for three calendar months.

Further information on how to use them can be found in the information sheet (pdf); the application form is available at the counter of the Natural Sciences Branch Library.