Book on an overhead scanner

 Anja Herwig, CC BY 4.0

In the course of sustainable development, the University Library offers its users scanning technology from its own resources free of charge.

Self-service scanner with book cradle

A new scanner (Zeutschel Zeta Comfort) is available in copy room 0'239 next to the counter. The output is currently exclusively via USB. USB sticks can be purchased at the stationery vending machine in the cloak room.

Scanning with smartphone and scan tent

Scantent at Science Branch Library

 Anja Herwig, CC BY 4.0

Scan tents are available on the balustrade at the central reading room and at the table next to the atlases.

Using the scan tents is free of charge and intuitive. All you need is your smartphone and, if possible, any scanner app. Place your smartphone on the tray at the top and lay a book or document in the tent. The tent will provide the optimal viewing angle and constant distance. The LED ring illuminates your texts perfectly.

Flatbed, feed-in and slide scanners

Finally, in the CMS PC room you will find several other scanners (slide scanners and pull-in scanners). You can also scan with these free of charge, but you must have a valid CMS login.

The printing and copying facilities provided by Ricoh are no longer offered. Please use the services of copyshops, e.g. in the Johann-von-Neumann-Haus, Rudower Chaussee 25, if required.