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Favourite Books

Reading chairs in front of the Favourite Books collection in the reading room

Fig.: Anja Herwig, CC BY 4.0

Did you ever wanted to know what your professors read in their free time?

The collection of "Favourite books" goes back to a project by trainees for staff in media and information services at the university library. They conducted a survey among the professors of sciences when they moved to the Erwin-Schrödinger-Zentrum:

"What is actually your favourite book?"

You can find the result in the reading room of the Science Branch Library: From Asterix to children's cookbooks and opera guides to Stefan Zweig, a bit of everything.
There are also favourite CDs and films, the selection is small but varied.

The collection is constantly growing, because even newcomers are asked for their favourite book. A small compilation of popular scientific works and books about the Adlershof site rounds off the collection.