Regulations for study desks

Regulations for study desks (HU home zone)

The study desks are partly reserved for HU students and members of staff only.

On weekdays between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. and at the weekends all study desks from 1st to 6th floors are reserved for HU users. We kindly ask to present the HU student ticket or the orange reader card on the desk.

Readers who do not belong to the HU may use the desks on the ground floor on 6th and 7th floors. The working stations in the PC rooms are excluded from these regulations.


Control break disk


Please use one of the break disks at the entrance and put it visibly on your desk when you leave for a break or search. Set the time when you leave and bear in mind that your desk might be cleared after 60 minutes for other readers as your reservation period expires after one-hour absence. If need be, your items will be kept in a transparent plastic bag beside the study desk and your laptop will be put aside. Please hand in the break disk at the entrance when you leave.

We kindly ask you to support our efforts for an efficient use of the study desk by this break disk control and you personally may take advantage of other readers’ fairness.


Background to these regulations

As is known, the Grimm Zentrum attracts more and more readers. Despite the doubling of the number of study desks compared to the places at the old locations, the number of study desks does not meet the actual needs. The introduction of the break disk control has unfortunately not lead to a significant improvement with the negative effect that HU students were not able to finish their papers on time and prepare for their exams and this resulted in postponements of exams and paper deadlines.