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The Theological Branch Library

The Library is accommodated in the building of the HU Theological Faculty at Burgstraße. The collection consists of contemporary research literature and historical items. It presently comprises 320,000 volumes and 220 current periodicals and ranks among the largest subject libraries in Germany.

The books are either shelved open-access or held in closed stacks. About one fourth of the collection is open-access. The holdings consist mainly of source and reference collections, important journals and monographs. They are systematically shelved pursuant to their disciplines. Three quarters of the holdings, among them historically interesting items and specialist literature, are either housed in the closed stacks of the Library or at the HU depository.

The Library of the Institut Kirche und Judentum

The Library of the Institut Kirche und Judentum is accommodated on the 2nd floor of the Theological Branch library. It consists of more than 7,000 items and 25 current periodicals. The books are shelved open-access.


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