Borrowing and Returning

The books in the Theology Branch Library on the upper floors may generally be borrowed for one week (short loan). The period may be renewed twice to a maximum of 21 days. Important sources and reference works are excluded. The books stored in the stacks may be borrowed for a period of 4 weeks (renewable twice to a maximum of 84 days). Printed journal volumes are generally not be borrowed. You may borrow up to 100 media at once from the HU Libraries.

The literature stored on the upper floors can be taken from the shelves and borrowed at the self-checkout machines on the ground floor.

You can select books from the open stack in the basement and also borrow them immediately. Books from the closed stack must be ordered online via the Primus search portal. The ordered books are made available three times a day (in the morning, 12:00 h and
16:00 h).

Older literature from the external stack that has not yet been recorded online can be ordered at the counter.

The branch library has a self-checkout and a self-return machine with account and fee functions (HU-Card or MensaCard) and a card recharging machine for banknotes up to €50.

A special fee regulation (in German only) applies for short term loans.