Humboldt-Universität offers two publication funds for directly covering fees for open access publications:

Open access publications can also be covered by third-party funding, usually from research project funding institutions.

In addition, numerous publishers and journals offer special conditions which allow authors who are members of Humboldt-Universität to receive discounts on publication fees or even waive them entirely. In some cases, there are further special conditions, such as shortened embargo periods for a secondary publication or the self-archiving of the publication.

Our overview of previously funded open access publications illustrates the successful funding and realisation of open access.

Using Humboldt-Universität's repository for initial and secondary publications is always free of charge.

Budget funds, professorial appointment funds, third-party funding applications

If you intend to use budget funds (funds from your faculty, institute or research area/project) or funds from your professorial appointment to pay for open access publications, please contact us.

We and the Research Service Centre are also pleased to advise you on applying for resources for open access publications as part of your third party funding applications.