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The Branch Library of German and Scandinavian Language and Literature Studies consists of a branch main library and the faculty library for Historical-Comparative Linguistics. The branch main library comprises holdings of 165,000 volumes and 285 periodicals on German and Scandinavian Language and Literature Studies.

The collection of German Language and Literature Studies comprises holdings of general and comparative language and literary studies, holdings of German language studies and the historical levels of language development and dialects, their literatures and didactics.

The department of Finnish and Scandinavian Studies also holds media about the history, politics and culture of those countries.
The items are completely searchable at the Primus Gateway of the University Library.

The collection at the faculty library for Historical-Comparative Linguistics ('Teilbiliothek Historisch-vergleichende Sprachwissenschaft/Indogermanistik') offers access to 7,500 volumes and 5 periodicals. It is housed at the Department of German Studies and Linguistics ('Institut für deutsche Sprache und Linguistik').


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Leaflet with information on the Branch Library of German Studies and Scandinavian Studies
(in German only)

The leaflet is available at the information desk of the Branch Library of German Studies/Scandinavian Studies as well as at other locations of the University Library.



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