Studying On-Site


Apart from the entrance area in front of the counter, backpacks and bags are not allowed inside the library. In front of the library entrance there is a cloakroom with lockers of different sizes. These are at different heights, but cannot be driven under. You must bring your own padlocks to lock the lockers, the shackles of which should be 5 to 6 mm thick.


  • reading stations with power connections and cable lock rings for connecting laptops
  • public, partly height-adjustable computer workstations with authenticated internet access
  • reading screens for optimal work on texts and with electronic resources

Study carrels

8 individual study carrels equipped with power connections, primarily for HU students and visiting scholars from the German studies institutes and the Institute for Northern European Studies

Group study room

A workroom in the basement offers the opportunity to work together in groups of up to 4 people or to take part in digital lessons in a disruption-free atmosphere with your own technology.

The room can be reserved by registered users and is available to each group for a maximum of four consecutive hours per day and on a maximum of three dates per week. Reservations can be made at the information desk on the ground floor. If the room is not occupied 10 minutes after the start of the reservation, it can be used by other people.

The group study room is equipped with a smartboard and internet access. The Smartboard can also be connected to your own end device via various connections (e.g. HDMI, USB, USB-C or wirelessly via AirServer/Miracast). A technology box with remote control, touchscreen pen and two cables is also available.

Solo and meeting boxes

A solo box and a meeting box in the basement offer the benefits of a quiet and shielded working environment. The solo box is suitable for short telephone or video calls by individuals, while the meeting box is equipped with a monitor and offers space for up to 4 people. In addition, the sound insulation ensures that conversations in the boxes hardly penetrate to the outside and therefore do not cause any disturbance in the neighbouring areas.

Book trolleys

4 lockable book trolleys, primarily for HU students and visiting scholars from the German studies departments and the Institute for Northern European Studies


A scanner (Zeutschel Zeta Comfort) is available in the branch library on the ground floor for making scans up to A3 format. Output is exclusively via USB. USB sticks can be purchased from the vending machine next to the foyer.

Without a USB stick, scans up to A3 format can be made using your own smartphone and a scan tent (also on the ground floor). This requires the free app "DocScan" (Android) or the already existing app "Notes" (iPhone).

There are no options for copying print media or printing files.

Catalogues on site

You can find all media (books, journals, electronic media) of the German and Scandinavian Studies Branch Library, including the Comparative History and Linguistics Branch Library, with the help of our search portal Primus.