Incunabula are the earliest products of letterpress printing and were only made from their inventions in the 15th century until 1500. The university library holds about 50 volumes that may be searched via the Online Catalogue. The collection can be found in the general catalogue of incunabula. This catalogue documents all items that were printed in the 15th century in alphabetical order. A printed copy of the catalogue is available in the research reading room and has the call number AN 22050. The general catalogue can also be accessed online.

Using the collection

You may search and order an item via the Online Catalogue or Primus. Please let us know in advance if you would like to order items from this collection. The books may only be used in the research reading room. Please check your user account to make sure if your order has been processed before you visit the library.

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Ernst Voulliéme, Die Inkunabeln der Königlichen Bibliothek und der anderen Berliner Sammlungen (Kunstgewerbemuseum, Kupferstichkabinet, Universitätsbibliothek, Graues Kloster, Joachimthalsches Gymnasium usw.), (Beiheft zum Zentralblatt für Bibliothekswesen, 30), Leipzig 1906