"Allgemeinen Gesangbuchs" (Altona 1781 , Ds 49840) Foto: Vendulka Cejchan

“My Book” is a sponsorship program that was started by the university library to save damaged cultural heritage. Our books tell us stories of times long past and many of them have been made unique by handwritten notes and bookplates. Unfortunately, many of them are damaged or affected by mold. The university library does not have the funds to have all of them restored. By becoming a sponsor for one of our historic books, you will not only save the book from decay but we will also digitize the book and make it accessible for everyone.

Buchspiegel mit Exlibris und Titelblatt aus der Sammlung der Brüder Grimm.jpg

"My Grimm
The Grimm Library is one of the library’s most valuable collections. Years of use by the Brothers Grimm and generations of students have left their mark on these invaluable books. Help us save and restore this unique private library by becoming a sponsor for one of the Grimm books.



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