Our Services for First-Time Users

Are you new to the university library of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin? This page intends to give you a quick introduction and the most important information for using the library.

Right of Usage

The university library is a public scientific library. Thus everybody above the age of 16 can register free of charge according to the usage regulations (German pdf). 

For more detailed information, please consult Registration and loan.

Lending Conditions

The regulations for borrowing literature varies depending on user group and location. HU students and staff have the most extensive lending conditions, but registered NON-HU members are also entitled to loans. It is only required to show a proof of residence in Germany and to give us your e-mail address.

At many locations, you can borrow books at self-issue machines. There you can also look at your account and pay fees with your MensaCard. Please see our lending details for further information.

HU-Homezone in the Grimm-Zentrum

Due to overcrowding, we had to establish a HU-Homezone in the Grimm-Zentrum. This way, HU members have a better chance to find a workstation. More details and a longer explanation of this regulation can be found at Regulations for study desks (home zone, break disks).

Entrance to the Interior Area

Jackets, cloaks, and bags cannot be brought into the interior of the library. This includes laptop cases as well. Eating is not allowed. You are allowed to bring water in transparent bottles, any other liquids are prohibited as well.

Phone calls are prohibited in the entire interior area.

Every branch library has cloak rooms and lockers. At most of the libraries including the Grimm-Zentrum, you will need a padlock or a MensaCard to use the lockers. You will find detailed information at the different location websites.

Please use transparent plastic bags to bring your personal belongings inside the library. The BibTasche can be purchased at the stationery machines at our major branch libraries.


You pay any fees incurred (overdue fines, inter-library loan fees, etc.) with your MensaCard. You can also lock cloakroom lockers with the MensaCard. There is no charge for this.

You can obtain the MensaCard for a deposit of EUR 1.55 in the refectories and cafeterias of the Studierendenwerk. A recharging device is located in the foyer of the Grimm Centre, it takes coins and notes. Please visit the website of the Studierendenwerk for further information about the MensaCard.

For students of Humboldt University, the MensaCard function is integrated into the Campuscard.

However, there are also alternative payment options. There you will also find information about the fee regulations for overdue loans.

Computer Usage

Without logging in, access to the public computers of the university library and the Computer and Media Serivce is restricted. HU members and registered library users can log in with their respective accounts. A more detailed manual can be found at the pages of the CMS at Requirements and Procedure for logging into the public computers (German only).

Please check our short manual for NON-HU members (PDF) to log in to the public computers (incl. internet access).

In order to access the electronic holdings of the library from home, you will need VPN access (German only). This is only available for HU members.


The HU Wi-Fi is generally only available for HU members. If you are a member of another university, you can access the network via eduroam as well, provided your institution also supports eduroam.

The CMS offers further information about using the Wi-Fi at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (German only) and offers help for gaining access to the Wi-Fi (German only).

Contact and Help

Do you have any questions, suggestions or criticisms regarding the services listed above? Please contact us at: info@ub.hu-berlin.de.

For more detailed information you should also consult the A-Z.