Registration and Library Account

The University Library is a public academic library. Therefore, in accordance with our usage regulations (in German), anyone who is at least 16 years old and has an academic interest can register.

Registration and Use of the University Library Account

Registration can be done on site, but also online via Zoom.

Humboldt University Students

Humboldt University students do not normally need to register at all. Your Campus Card is also your library card. You can log into your library account with your HU account. There, please enter a four-digit PIN, which you will need for the automatic lending machines.

HU Staff

HU staff members first activate their library account online (German only). To do this, you must be in the HU network. Then present your identity card or passport with confirmation of registration at the service counters to complete the registration and receive a library card with extended borrowing privileges. If you have any problems with the form, please contact us.

Members of the Charité

Members of the Charité have the status of HU members in the university library, but must first register in the library for use.
Students prove their status at the service desk with their student ID, employees with their employment contract. Please also present your valid identity card or passport with German registration confirmation.
For technical reasons, please log in to your library account as a non-HU member.

Non-HU Members or Students from Other Universities

Please use the web registration form. Then present your valid identity card or passport with German registration confirmation and, if applicable, your student ID at one of the service counters to complete the registration. Registration is free of charge for you.

Humboldt University Professors

Holders of university chairs can also have a main and substitute ID card provided for them. This allows you to authorise staff and assistants to carry out borrowing activities on your account. However, the liability remains with you. If you are more interested, please contact us via email. 

Student Assistants at Humboldt University 

Please use the main and substitute ID card system (see above) for official matters in agreement with your superiors. Student assistants do not receive a library card with conditions for staff members of Humboldt University. 

Guest Researchers and Lecturers

Please contact us via online consultation or e-mail to obtain a library card with extended borrowing privileges. Please provide appropriate documents to prove your employment at Humboldt University. If you do not have an official residence in Germany, you can only borrow media from the library upon presentation of a declaration of liability (German only).


Minors between 16 and 18 years of age please use the web registration form. Then present your valid ID card or passport with German registration confirmation and also a signed declaration of consent (German only) as well as a copy of the ID card of a parent or guardian.

School and Student Groups

Large numbers of school and student groups cannot be registered at the service desk in the Grimm Center. Teachers are kindly requested to contact the Lending Department in advance via e-mail.
Please note: We also offer workshops on "Information Literacy for Pupils" (in German).

Library Card: Period of Validity and Loss

The library card of members of Humboldt University is usually renewed automatically and only becomes invalid when leaving HU.

The library card for non-HU members is usually valid for one year.

The period of validity can be extended in person at one of the branch libraries or in our online consultation hours by presenting the identity card with a valid registration address. Renewal by telephone is not possible.

If you lose your library card, please contact the library immediately so that it can be blocked. Please report in person at the service desk or contact the Lending Department by e-mail. We will issue you with a replacement card on request (5,00 €).

Students please contact the Enrolment Office.

Change of Address

In your own interest, please notify us immediately of any change of residence. Otherwise there may be undesired delays in sending overdue notices, in which case we may have to initiate an address enquiry via the Residents' Registration Office.

Students of Humboldt-Universität update their address independently via AGNES or inform the enrolment office informally in writing of the change of address.

HU staff members please contact the "Abteilung Haushalt und Personal" (Human Resources department).

External users should provide proof of their current registration address at one of our service counters or use our online consultation.

Password reset (Non-HU members)

If you have forgotten your password, you can create a new password using your user number or e-mail address.

Help and Contact

If you have any questions about registration or problems with your library account, please contact our user management or our online consultation.