Subject Holdings in the Jacob-und-Wilhelm-Grimm-Zentrum

Print Holdings

The subject holdings for Rehabilitation Studies in the Jacob-und-Wilhelm-Grimm-Zentrum are organized according to the Regensburg Classification Scheme (RVK). The majority of call numbers begin with the initials CP - CX or D. They can be found at the following sites:

  • Textbook Collection (EG): Here you can find several copies of significant introductory textbooks, which can be borrowed by students and staff of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.
  • Magazine Rack / Journal Display Shelves (1. OG): Current and unbound journals are displayed here. The journals relevant to Rehabilitation Studies are marked with CL and DA. They generally cannot be borrowed.
  • Bound Journal Volumes (2. OG, Area B): Here you can find journal volumes published in preceding years, both those currently running and discontinued. Their call numbers also start with CL or DA 10000. In general, those journals are not for issue either.
  • Specialized Books (3. OG, Area B): These constantly growing holdings consist of monographs, anthologies, and bibliographies. They are labelled with call numbers beginning with CP - CX and D. A comprehensive view of the purport of the individual signatures (such as DT 1250) can be found on the website of the RVK. These holdings are the central location for current literature in Rehabilitation Studies. Additional literature can be found in similar disciplines, such as Educational Science and Psychology (3. OG), as well as Sociology (4. OG). Provided the books are not labelled differently, they can be borrowed.
  • Historical and Scientific Special Collections (6. OG, Research Reading Room): In the Research Reading Room, rare and old editions can be accessed. They are not available for issue.
  • Numerus Currens Holdings (5. OG - 7. OG): There is a relatively high amount of specialized literature which was acquired at a time when the library did not offer any open access shelving. This literature was only marked with a Numerus Currens (running number) and can still be found this way today. Their call numbers consist of the year, a letter between A and D, and a running number (e.g. 2003 A 3285), they thus do not offer any information about the disciplinary orientation. As a consequence, these books can only be properly researched via catalogue. In the medium term, they will also be remarked according to the RVK classification. The newer holdings (circa from 1978) are usually available for issue.

Some of the above holdings will change with time or be dissolved completely. However, a distribution across several sites will remain. For many subjects-1 of Rehabilitation Studies, we recommend a look at the neighbouring disciplines, as is the case with Educational Science, Psychology, Sociology, History, Theology, Sport Science, as well as German Studies.


Digitised forms like e-books, e-journals, databases and open access, as well as Open Educational Resources (OER) are provided online for registered patrons of the library within the IP area of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Students and staff can access these resources off campus as well via VPN.