Subject Holdings

The holdings pertaining to History can be found at the Jacob-und-Wilhelm-Grimm-Zentrum. Most of them are shelved according to the Regensburg Classification Scheme (RVK).

The holdings can be differentiated into:

  1. RVK Holdings on the study of History (call numbers start with the letter N): 4th floor (4. OG), Area B.
  2. Holdings of the former Branch Library for History organized by the old in-house classification scheme: 5th floor (5. OG), Area B.
    These books are currently being revised and converted to the Regensburg Classification Scheme. Further Information on the Old Call Numbers, Classification Schemes as well as a card catalogue can be found on the 5th floor (5.OG) nearby the information desk (which is usually unallocated).
  3. RVK Holdings of Journals on History (call numbers beginning with "NA"):
    • a) Current issues on the periodical display racks on the 1st floor (1. OG),
    • b) Bound volumes of older issues on the 2nd floor (2. OG), Area B.
  4. History Textbook Collection: cf. Textbook Collection.

History generally is a highly interdisciplinary field; therefore relevant literature can be found in almost all other departments as well.