Subject Holdings Asian Studies

Subject Holdings at the Branch Library of Asian and African Studies

The periodicals currently held by the library can be found on the ground floor on the left and the right hand side in the periodical display shelves. Older issues are bound and kept in the closed stacks. They can be paged via our discovery portal Primus.

The major part of the open-shelf holdings is arranged in accordance with the Regensburg Classification Scheme (RVK). In order to represent the regional relationships of the library materials, we have introduced additional subclasses to indicate the geographical area referred to.

The monographs on several Asian and African countries are located on the ground floor under the subclass 02. Located alongside are the monographs on Southeast Asia under the subclass SOA.

The holdings on South Asia can be found in the basement under the subclass SA. In this area you will also find older books shelved according to other classification schemes. Next to these, the holdings on East Asia are located under the subclass OA.

In the second room in the basement, books on China and Chinese language can be found that have not received new class marks yet. Their call numbers start with B1 and B2 respectively. Alongside holdings on Western Asia are kept under the subclass VA.

At the end of the second room, the monographs on Africa are shelved under the subclass Afr.


Subject holdings at the Jacob und Wilhelm Grimm Zentrum

Even though the Jacob und Wilhelm Grimm Zentrum does not collect specific research literature on Asian Studies, it houses the textbook collection and literature acquired prior to the year 2009. These materials are organized by the Regensburg Classification Scheme (RVK) as well.

Textbook collection (ground floor, area A): Contains multiple copies of relevant introductory works and textbooks (also for language courses). The books can be checked out by students of the Humboldt University.