I need single pages from a book and a master copy in high resolution for printing. How can I place an order?

You can order single pages from the university library’s stock as images with high resolution (tif or jpg). These images can be used e.g. as master copies for printing.

A pdf-file will be created in addition to the high resolution images. This will cause no additional costs.

Please set up your order requests to eod.admin@ub.hu-berlin.de or use our order form (Bestellformular).  

As delivery mode you can choose between downloading or receiving a DVD/CD-ROM.

Prices: 5,00 € / 10,00 € / 20,00 € per image depending on the intented purpose and per image file according to the fee schedule.

Please note: According to our scale of fees (Gebührenordnung) the creation of digital images of the library’s stock will be charged with 5 €. The fee for a commercial use (any kind of publication) of the image is 10 € for up to 1000 printed copies. If more than 1000 printed copies of the publication will be produced, the fee per image will be 20 €.

If you intend to use the image for a publication, there will be a written copyright agreement. Please declare the intended number of copies when you place your order.

You will receive a binding estimate of cost (Kostenvoranschlag) before the order is processed.

If the item is delivered as download (automatic access after the selection of the mode of payment, you should receive it within 15 workdays.

If you opted for having the CD-ROM/DVD delivered, it will be sent to you straight after the payment.

You will be notified immediately if delivery is delayed.

Options of payment:

  • credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club), Maestro or Paypal

Alternatively you can pay by invoice. Please contact us for further information.