HU-catalogue of electronic resources - details

What is the HU-catalogue of electronic resources?

This term was introduced in the Primus Gateway of the University Library to provide meaningful evidence of electronic resources like e-journals, e-books, electronic dissertations etc.

How can I access the documents?

As a basic principle, please follow the link under `Exemplar’. Gaining access to a document depends on the IP number of your PC, the way of access web or CD-ROM) and the conditions of access for the document. The access conditions follow different rules and depend on the issued licences.

Generally, you can access all freely available documents from any user-defined computer. The documents are, for instance, electronic dissertations at the Humboldt University and other papers on the HU edoc-Server.

If you work at a computer in the IP area of the HU, you can normally access all web resources.

This also applies for the IP dialup access to the intranet of the Humboldt University via CMS-Account (for members of University staff, only).