Special Research Portals

Special Research Portals, with their diverse search options, are well suited for an initial overview of existing literature in a subject area in Germany. They represent an integrated web offering of diverse content and services for a specific subject or a specific "scientific community". Special Research Portals are usually operated by the respective subject information services funded by the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, German Research Foundation).


Regional Special Research Portals

African Studies
Benelux / Low Countries Studies

FID Benelux (only in German)

Eastern, East-Central, South-Eastern Europe
Latin America, Caribbean and Latino Studies

FID Lateinamerika, Karibik und Latino Studies (only in German and Spanish)

Middle Eastern, North African and Islamic Studies
Northern Europe

ViFa Nord (only in German)


Special Research Portals of the Natural Sciences and Applied Sciences

Biodiversity research
civil engineering, architecture and urban studies (urban planning).
Engineering, Technology

Geo-Leo (only in German)

Life Sciences
Sports Science


Special Research Portals of the Social Sciences, Law and Economics

Educational science and educational research
International and Interdisciplinary Legal Research
Political Science

SozioHub (only in German)


Special Research Portals in the Humanities and Cultural Studies

Ancient Studies
Art, Photography, Design
Book, Library and Information Science
Communication, Media and Film Studies
German Studies

Germanistik im Netz (only in German)

Historical studies

historicum (only in German)

Jewish Studies

musiconn (only in German)


philportal (only in German)

Romanic Studies

FID Romanistik (only in German)

Slavic Studies
Social and Cultural Anthropology