Permission to film and/or take photographs

General notes

We thank you for your interest in taking photos, filming and/or shooting videos on the premises of the University Library.

Taking photos for personal purposes is allowed without prior permission. But you may not use any flash, tripod or headlight. Sound recordings are not permitted either and individuals’ rights must not be violated.

Taking photos at the Reading Terraces of Grimm-Zentrum is not permitted during opening hours.

Intrusions into the library setup (e.g. clearing shelves, changing the position of books, removing computers from desks or service points) are not allowed.

Permission to film and/or take photographs

Taking photos, filming and/or shooting videos that extend beyond the mere private use may only be permitted in exceptional cases and out of the University Library opening hours. The permission is subject to a charge and may come along with a location fee.

The written permit has to be submitted on your own record or on request to the security attendants (at Jacob-und-Wilhelm-Grimm-Zentrum) or the responsible members of staff (at other locations of the University Library) upon entering the building.

Please send an email to for the permission, appointment arrangements and information about costs incurred at least one week before the desired date.

The following information has to be provided in the application form:

  • Relevant location at the University Library network system
  • Reason for choosing the location
  • Content and motifs of the planned shots
  • Intended purpose of the shots
  • Contracting authority
  • Desired date
  • Approximate duration of the shots
  • Equipment used for the shots
  • Total number of crew
  • Intended release/broadcast date


Please also note the following requests:

  • You will fully acknowledge the University Library regulations (cf.Benutzungsordnung) on entering the premises.
  • The University Library will receive a free specimen copy of the publication, photos or film from the contractor.