Document Delivery Service Subito


Subito is a document delivery service of academic libraries that delivers copies of journal articles and parts of books.

Delivery is made directly to you personally within three working days, either as a PDF, by fax or by post. You also have the option of borrowing books.
So you order directly from Subito e.V. instead of via the Humboldt University Library. This service is available to everyone, whether members of the university, users of the university library or private individuals.

Depending on the user group, please note the different conditions below.

Subito for HU Staff Members


Here you can go directly to your subcustomer account.


As an HU employee, you have the option of ordering copies of articles from over 1.5 million journals at our expense via Subito. To use this service, please apply for a Subito subcustomer account.
Orders from print journals and e-journals are accepted, but only permitted for official purposes.


  • To apply for a subcustomer account, you must be registered as a user in the University Library. Then please fill out our form.
  • Your account will usually be activated within one working day.

Order Process

  • You order online via your subcustomer login. Only then will the University Library assume all costs for the delivered copies of articles.
  • You may only order articles from journals in regular service (no newspapers!) that are not available in the HU University Library. Therefore, please check yourself in the Primus search portal whether the journal is listed in our library.
    We check the orders on a random basis. Please understand this measure, but our financial resources are limited and should therefore only be used for necessary orders.
  • If you would like to use the express service or order books for loan, please register as a direct customer with Subito. But please note that we cannot cover the cost of orders you place as a direct customer.


You can choose between delivery by e-mail, post or fax. Orders are usually delivered on the same day, but after 72 hours at the latest.

The orders sent by post or fax are forwarded to you via our library and take a few working days.

Subito for Students and Non-HU-Members


Here you can go directly to Subito.


You can also order from Subito as a private individual. In this case, you must register directly with Subito.
Please note the terms of use specified by Subito.


For students and individuals, delivery by e-mail costs an average of 7.50 EUR.
The exact costs are displayed before the order is placed.

Help and Contact

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us or Subito.

Telephone: +49 30 2093-99339