Subject Holdings

The seminary libraries in the open stacks of the Branch Library of Theology are ordered as follows:

  • Journal Display Shelves (EG): Here you can find all unbound journals of the current volume. Print journals can only be used on-site.
  • General (EG): This section contains reference books as well as introductory literature and periodicals on the entirety of Theology. The holdings on the ground floor (EG) are principally not for issue.
  • Church History (1. OG): Sources, periodicals and research literature on Church History are shelved here including Clerical Contemporary History and literature on Denominational Studies.
  • Coptica (1. OG): contains sources and research literature in the field of Coptic Studies.
  • Systematic Theology (2. OG): stores sources and literature on Dogmatic Theology and Ethics.
  • Contemporary Philosophy (2.OG): contains editions and secondary literature on the most important contemporary philosophers.
  • Theology and Gender Studies (2. OG): contains literature on Gender Studies in general and its intersections with Theology
  • Religious Studies, Missiology and Ecumenism (2. OG): These holdings consist of systematic research on Religious Studies as well as literature on world religions and religions of ethnic communities, on interreligious dialogue, on Missiology and Ecumenism including contextual theologies.
  • Practical Theology (2. OG): contains literature on all fields of Practical Theology including Religious Education.
  • Religious Sociology (2. OG): encloses classics of Social Sciences and sociological schools, literature on Religious Sociology, on Clerical and Community Sociology, on Church Development and Ecclesiology, as well as on Church in society.
  • Christian Archaeology and Art (2. OG): contains inventories, catalogues, excavation reports and other sources as well as secondary literature on Archaeology and Art from all eras of church history.
  • Library on Church and Judaism (2. OG): contains Judaica as well as literature on Judaeo-Christian dialogue including research on the Holocaust.
  • Old Testament (3. OG): sources and accounts of research pertaining to the Old Testament
  • New Testament (3. OG): sources and accounts of research pertaining to the New Testament
  • Classical Studies (3. OG): contains Greek and Roman cultural history, literary studies and history (focus on source output)