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The history of the library’s archaeological collection is closely connected with the history of the subject at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin where Classical Archaeology has been taught since the mid-19th century. The foundation for the archaeological library was laid in 1851 with the establishment of the Archaeological Reference Collection by Eduard Gerhard, who held the chair for Archaeology at the time. The development of the collection over time reflects the direction of the main research and teaching areas of the Seminar for Archaeology (renamed Winkelmann Institute in 1941).

The archaeological collection encompasses current research literature as well as historical books on Classical Antiquity and adjacent fields. It also provides basic literature for Classical Studies. In particular, the collection focuses on literature from the field of Classical Receptions.

A growing stock of electronic materials, such as e-books, e-journals, and databases, adds to the conventional holdings. You have access to these digital forms through our discovery portal Primus and can use them on campus by connecting to the Wi-Fi network eduroam. HU members can also access them from home via VPN.

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view into a library containing book shelves and work stations

view into the Branch Library of Classical Archaeology

Photo: Antonia Weiße


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