Studying On-Site


Please store jackets and bags before entering the library. There are more than 500 lockers available for use with your own padlock with diameter 5–6 mm.


570 work stations, many of them with plug-ins for power supply, among them 16 public workstations with internet access and printing at the photocopiers (print-outs have to be payed by MensaCard/CampusCard). Internet access with a Computer and Media Service (CMS) account, WiFi for HU members resp. via eduroam.

Book trolleys

Four lockable book trolleys are available for PhD candidates and guest researchers of the Law Department.


The Branch Library’s collections can be searched at the Primus Gateway of the University Library.


Tel:  +49 30 2093-3374
Fax: +49 30 2093-3541


All printing and copying capabilities provided by Ricoh company have run out. As part of a sustainable development, the University Library is offering its users new high quality, in-house scanning technology free of charge.

Therer is one scan tent available.

The usage is free of charge and intuitive. All you need is your smartphone and any scanner app (see Quick start guide for Android and iOS [in German only]). Position your smartphone on the tray at the top and place a book or document in the tent. The device ensures the optimal viewing angle and consistent distance. The text template is evenly illuminated by an LED light.

In addition to that there are two scanners that you can also use free of charge.


WiFi for HU members resp. via eduroam.

Services for parents and children

Unfortunately, in this branch library we can not offer you a separate room. There is, however, a family room in the Law Department which can be used by all members of the Law Department.