Retro-Cataloging at the University Library

The University Library of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin has been working on the retro-cataloging of its previous card and volume catalogues since the 1990s. The basic idea of the project is to have high-quality catalogue records in our online catalogue.

The activities for retro-cataloguing of the branch libraries and the alphabetical catalogue from 1908 onwards, which continued until the end of 2013, are presented in the UB's annual report for 2013.

Beispiel eines Katalogeintrags auf einer Katalogkarte

Elektronische Version der gescannten Katalogkarte

Example of a catalogue entry on a catalogue card
Electronic version of the scanned catalogue card in 2013

After these holdings were recorded in the online catalogue, its use increased increased strongly and permanently. The assumption was confirmed that holdings not recorded online are forgotten or are only noticed by specialists. In this respect, these important holdings could be made visible and available again.

The University Library will continue to work on make other holdings, which are not yet available online, visible and available. In this way, it was also possible to scan and process part of the catalogue of the HU's precious Hoschulschriftensammlung. After centuries of collecting, these and similar treasures are to be indexed not only in the card- catalogue. Now it is available worldwide via the internet.


Project management:

Christian Rüter
Tel: +49 30 2099 93202

Susanne Graß
Tel: +49 30 2099 93215


Stand: 04.01.2016