Social Sciences in the Jacob-und-Wilhelm-Grimm-Zentrum

The books and periodical holdings of the former branch library Social Sciences have been joined with the holdings of the former Central Library in 2009.

You can find books and periodicals on Socical Sciences according to the notation of the Regensburg Classification Scheme (RVK). The call numbers start with the letter combination MN, MP, MQ, MR and MS. The literature is provided at the following locations:

Textbook Collection (EG, Area A): Here you can find multiple copies of important textbooks. These books can be borrowed by students and staff of the Humboldt University.

Magazine Rack (1. OG, Area D): Here you can find the current journal issues. These journals cannot be borrowed. However, most of them are available online. Journals on Social Sciences start with the call number MN.

Bounded Journal Volumes (2. OG, Area B): Here are the bound issues of the previous years. The call numbers comply with those of the current issues on the 1. OG, starting with MN. Journals are generally  not borrowable.

Many journals are also available online. An increasing number will be available online only.

Books on Social Sciences (4. OG, Area A + B): The book stock consists of monographs, anthologies, and  bibliographies. It is provided systematically according to the notation of the Regensburger Verbundklassifikation (RVK) and starts with the call number MP. An overview of the notations is provided on the Website of the Regensburger Verbundklassifikation.

If there are no special markings (for example a yellow non-lending label), the literature can be borrowed.

Former Institute Stock (5. OG, Room B, Area D): This literature is shelved by consecutive numbering. It will be continously integrated into the Books on Socical Sciences (4. OG / Area A).

This also applies to a closed stack on the 4. OG. For the time being, this literature is only available by online order.