Main Library (Johannisstraße 10)

Local Information / Floor plan

Ground floor (Open access holdings)

Room 101-105: open access holdings, catalogues, workstations (2 with PC equipment, WLAN)

4th floor (closed magazine)

Special research collections:

  • Literature on Japanese decency culture/etiquette/annual agenda
  • AV media of the special collection Japanese film history (the print media of this collection are in the open access display on the ground floor)

Workstations and WLAN

There are 2 PC research stations with Internet connection available to you. WLAN is available in the entire library area.

Loan regulations

The holdings of the Japanese Studies Library can be borrowed by students of the Humboldt University and by registered users of the University Library of Humboldt University according to the general regulations of the University Library. The general loan period is 4 weeks, except for reference holdings and reference works with short and daily loan. The holdings of the research collections can only be borrowed to a limited extent.


There are free lockers and coat hooks in the entrance area of the library.

Literature search & Catalogues

The holdings of the Japanese Studies Library can be searched online via the Primus Gateway.

Notes on search with Kanji/Kana

The search with Kanji/Kana in Primus is possible. However, it will lead to a limited hit list, as older holdings have not yet been recorded in the original script. If the search does not lead to any hits, a search in Latin script is recommended.

Copying facilities

A scanning tent is available for digitisation via smartphone. For the time being, further copying facilities are only available in the nearby copy shop:

Copy Clara
Tucholskystraße 11 (corner Tucholsky-/Johannisstraße)
10117 Berlin



There are no automatic doors.


Not necessary as the library is located on the groundfloor.




Access to the workstations is not possible with wheelchair.

Parking spots

Not available

Further information on loan periods and literature search for people with disabilities