Special Library Regulations

for the German Studies/Scandinavian Studies Branch Library

The German Studies/Scandinavian Studies Branch Library is subject to the Library Regulations of the University Library of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin dated 14.06.2004. In accordance with § 13 para. 1 and § UB 7 para. 3 of these regulations, the following special regulations are issued for the German Studies/Scandinavian Studies Branch Library:


1. General Information


The German Studies/Scandinavian Studies Branch Library is a library with limited loan period (short loan). Borrowing is only possible under the conditions laid down in point 3.


The holdings are available for use in the freely accessible library rooms.

2. Rights and Obligations of Users


Eating, drinking, smoking and the use of mobile phones is prohibited within the branch library.


Jackets and bags are to be locked in the lockers of the cloakroom before entering the branch library. The use of the lockers is only possible with the help of a separate padlock (diameter 5-6 mm).


The reservation of a workplace by placing books or other work material for a longer period of time is not permitted.


Users can reserve books from the freely accessible collections for two days after use. For this purpose, there are two storage shelves in the reading room on the ground floor.

3. Borrowing and Returning


Lending within the scope of the normal short loan is possible from the opening of the branch library. The return after the loan period has expired must be done at the self-return machine by 22:00 h or at the library service desk by 19:00 h at the latest. Please note the shortened special opening hours during the lecture and exam-free periods.


Employees and students of the Humboldt-Universität are entitled to borrow literature beyond the normal short loan period.


In this case, the loan period for employees of Humboldt-Universität is a maximum of one semester. However, if the literature is requested by another user, the item in question must be returned immediately.


Excluded from borrowing are rarities (rare or valuable prints), literature published before 1915 and large-format works (folio), newspapers and magazines, reference works, editions and literature from the semester collections.


Periodicals, reference works and editions will be borrowed as short-term loans in justified exceptional cases. The decision on this is made by the head librarian of the branch library.


Users who exceed the loan period are subject to the fee regulation adapted to the short-term loan, which differs from the fee regulation for normal lending, whereby the loan status of the medium is decisive:

  4-week loan  
1. Fee level

From the 5th day of overrunning the loan period: 2.00 Euro per item (total)

2. Fee level From the 19th day of overrunning the loan period: 5.00 Euro per item (total)  
3. Fee level

From the 33rd day of overrunning the loan period: 20.00 Euro per item (total)

4.  level Media reclaim by administrative enforcement proceedings  

If fees and/or fines have reached an amount of 15,00 Euro or if the fees and/or fines are not paid within 4 weeks, the user will be excluded from using the University Library.