The Branch Library of Foreign Languages and Literatures primarily collects specialist books in the particular branches of philology in addition to books on general linguistics, literature and translation sciences.

Material on the Hungarian, Finnish and Estonian languages and literature as well as on the history and culture of the Finno-Ugric peoples is available in the special collection on Finno-Ugric languages. The Hungarian Studies collection of the branch library contains a considerable donation from the emeritus Professor for Hungarian studies at the Institute for Eastern European Studies, Prof. Dr. Joseph-Gerhard Farkas. It covers books on the Hungarian history, culture and literature.

In the Romance Studies department there are, to a varied extent, books on almost all variations of Romance philology as well as the history and applied geography of the Romance countries.

The Slavonic Studies collection comprises specialist books on all Slavonic languages, cultures and literatures.

Items on the history, politics, business, law and history of art and culture of Great Britain are available in the library of the Centre for British Studies. The collection of specialist books on the literature and culture of Great Britain, Ireland, the USA and Canada is housed in the library of English and American philology at Campus Nord.