The collections of the former Branch Library and a number of faculty libraries for Agricultural Sciences, Economics and the Social Science of Agriculture and Forestry (WISOLA), Biology, the Arboretum, English and American Studies and Sports Science merged at Campus Nord.

Main focus of the collection of Agricultural Sciences:

science of plant production, farm animal science, horticulture, agro ecology, tropical and subtropical agriculture, economics and social science of agriculture and forestry.

Main focus of the collection of English and American Studies:

language, literature and culture of Great Britain, Ireland, the USA and Canada as well as general linguistics and literature science.

Main focus of the collection of Biology:

biophysics, botany, the didactics of biology, microbiology, molecular biology and bio-chemistry, theoretical biology, zoology.

Main focus of the collection of Sports Science:

the science of practice and kinesiology, the didactics and methodology of physical education classes, the history of sports, sports medicine, sports pedagogy, psychology and sociology.