On-Site Facilities

Here you will find information about the terms and conditions for borrowing at Campus Nord library.

  • The loan period is generally 28 days. This period can be renewed if there is no reservation for the item. The maximum loan period is 84 days.

  • Volumes marked with a red spot or a “Tagesausleihe” or “Kurzausleihe” sticker are only for short-term loan.

  • Journals are part of the reference collection and cannot be borrowed.

  • You can return your borrowed items via the self-return machine at the foyer. At Campus Nord library you can also return media of Grimm-Zentrum, of Schrödinger-Zentrum, and of the Foreign Languages/Literatures branch library (Fremdspachliche Philologien) including items from the Centre for British Studies (Großbritannien-Zentrum). Vice versa you can return Campus Nord library books at Grimm-Zentrum, at Schrödinger-Zentrum and at the Foreign Languages/Literatures branch library (Fremdspachliche Philologien). Currently this service is offered only by the aforementioned libraries.

  • Using the self-return machine at the foyer of Campus Nord library you can renew your borrowed items from Grimm-Zentrum, Schrödinger-Zentrum and Fremdspachliche Philologien including items from Großbritannien-Zentrum (At the end of the maximum loan period you have to return the borrowed items, even if you want to borrow them again).

  • Items which are ready for pick up can be picked up at the “Abholautomat” (pick-up automat) in front of the library. You can access it Monday to Friday 06:00 - 22:00h, Saturday and Sunday 08:00 - 22:00h. Outside business hours items can also be returned through the automat.

  • So-called "schützenswerte Bestände" (special holdings worthy of protection) can only be accessed Monday to Friday 09:00 - 18:00h.