Electronic journals

Please, always note the licence terms when using e-journals.

  • Electronic Journals Library (EZB)
    You can check at the EZB which journals are available in a digitized fashion, which of them are accessible as full-text versions at the Library of Humboldt-Universität and which of them are not free of charge and therefore only tables of contents or abstracts of them can be seen.

    The following symbols are to help you distinguish between them:


grüne Ampel The full text of the journal is freely accessible.

gelbe Ampel Access is free only for Humboldt staff (due to licence contracts), or only certain volumes are freely
rote Ampel The full text is available in the Web, but Humboldt-Universität has no valid contract. It is still worthwhile
  having a look at these pages because there may be additional information such as abstracts or email
  addresses of the authors.
  • A-Z-Index of electronic journals
    Alternatively, you may check at this list of journals arranged according to their titles. By pressing this button SFX-Button you can check whether or not we can provide the electronic and/or the printed text version.
  • Citation Linker
    If you know the bibliographic details of your citation and enter them into the search form, the Citation Linker can find out information about the availability of the article. The approach is recommendable also for articles published in journals and for books.
    If no electronic full text is availble, you should send a search request for the printed version kept at the University Library.