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This page offers you some apps & services provided by us which may be useful for academic work in a library environment, in particular for searches and research.
The list does not claim to be exhaustive and will be periodically updated.


Searching via Primus offers you various services to refine or expand your research.

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The BibTip recommender system expands the functionality of the online catalogue by providing recommendations (Empfehlungen). BibTip supplements standard subject indexing and adds lists of books on subjects relating to the results list.
These recommendations for related titles are generated via observation and statistical analysis of the user’s research behaviour. No personal information is used for the analysis.
You can use the ‘Recommendations’ tab in Primus to access titles on a similar subject to your search - see example:

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bX Recommendations

The bX recommender (like BibTip) helps you to find relevant literature which you might have overlooked in your search. It focuses on articles. Using millions of searches worldwide and based on the articles read by the user, bX checks whether other related articles are available and displays a list of relevant articles. The items may come from various specialist journals, publishers and platforms, and can contain a variety of key words.

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HU Berlin Linkservice (SFX)

The SFX Linking Service (context-sensitive reference linking) offers a convenient path from literature search to the desired document depending on the type of search results.
SFX also offers the opportunity to continue the search in other contexts (e.g. regional or national).

SFX services are available both within Primus (‘Other services’) and in various databases from other providers. The ‘HU Service’ button takes you to the services available from your library. If a database hit relates to an article, you will find a direct link to the full text in electronic format, if available freely or via licensed access within the UL university network.

Click on the SFX button next to the search result within a database to access a service page displaying the alternatives available.

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Mobile Apps

This section offers information about services (apps) which may be of use for research using mobile devices (smartphones, tablets etc.).

ExLibris - bX Hot Articles(für iOs und Android)

Hot Articles draws on usage data from millions of searches within a wide variety of specialist journals, publishers and platform. The app helps users to find articles which other users considered to be interesting – both in general and for a particular topic. It also notes which academic articles on a particular area have been the most popular in recent weeks.
Platform: iOS and Android
Price: free
Language: English
Status: HU resources configurable; licensed and provided by the HU UL
Further information & Download (iOS & Android)

EZB - Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek (für Android)

The Electronic Journals Library (EZB, Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek) developed a mobile application for the Android operating system which enables use of the regular EZB interface’s basic functions. The Electronic Journals Library contains more than 63,000 journals across all subject areas.
Platform: Android
Price: free
Language: German
Special features:  the institutions involved in the EZB also offer their users access to the full texts of the e-journals to which they subscribe. There are around 600 libraries contributing to the EZB.


SpringerLink (für iOS & Android)

The app offers direct access to the SpringerLink platform, with articles available from more than 2,000 academic peer-reviewed journals and book chapters from 49,000 e-books. Users have free access to abstracts, more than 127,000 open-access academic articles, book and journal covers, and detailed information on the individual documents. Users who have access to SpringerLink via a library or any other research institution can access the full texts via the app.
Platform: iOS and Android
Price: free
Language: English
Requirements: access to full texts if connected via the subscription network.
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Other Springer apps

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Endnote for iPad (iOS)

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin offers campus licences for the reference management software EndNote to its members. You can access and process the data you saved in EndNote, including full texts (PDFs), from anywhere at any time. Notes and annotations can be added to PDFs within the app. Your EndNote desktop data is synced with the app via EndNote Online.
Platform: iOS
Price: free
Language: English
Requirements: To import full texts (PDFs) into the app they must be marked as favourites.
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