Our services for HU students

As students of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, you belong to the main target group of this library. Below you will find basic information as well as information about specific services, some of which are exclusively offered to you as students of Humboldt Universität zu Berlin.

Information about the user library card and login

Once you are enrolled at Humbold-Universität zu Berlin, you are automatically registered as a library user. Your student identity card also functions as your library card.The Enrolment Office passes your address on to us. However, you should still bring your identity card or passport with proof of residence to one of our service desks to check your current personal data before borrowing for the first time.

image of the new student identity cared called "Campuscard"







To use the electronic resources of the library, please always log in with your HU-Account (same as in Agnes and Moodle) at one of the computer work stations or, respectively, log in to the HU net with your own devices (Wi-Fi or VPN). Furthermore, it is necessary to login to Primus with your HU-Account.

Login into Primus

You can log in to Primus as follows:


screenshot of the blue login-box ⇒ screenshot of the login page ⇒ screenshot of the login interface for students


First, click on "Login" in the blue box on top left of the site. This box is available on all pages of the UB website. You are now processed to the Login-Page. Please chose the option "HU members" by clicking on the grey field. Afterwards, you can log in with your HU account you also use for signing in to Moodle or Agnes. If you have any problems with logging in with your HU account, please go via "Non HU-members" and log in with your user card number (see above) and your library password.

In case of forgetting your password, just go to the CMS homepage and give yourself a new one.

At the self-issue machines please log in with your library user card number (HUHS barcode on your enrolment card) and a 4-digit PIN. You can create this PIN yourself online via your Primus user account ("My Profile" > "Settings" > "Edit Details" > "Change PIN / Password"). Just click on the "Login" box at the upper left corner and log in with your HU account.

Lockable Book Trolleys

The Science Branch Library at Erwin-Schrödinger-Zentrum offers lockable book trolleys (pdf). They can be used by students of the subjects covered there (Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Psychology, Geography) who are writing an academic paper. Should there be any idle capacities, the trolleys can also be used by students of other subject areas.

The Jacob-und-Wilhelm-Grimm-Zentrum currently does not offer this service.

Study Carrels

There are longer-term study carrels available at several locations. The Grimm-Zentrum only offers them to examinees (Bachelor, Master, Magister and Diploma) who are studying a subject covered by the Grimm-Zentrum. For more information, please see Booking a study carrel. On the fifth floor (5.OG), there are four readily available carrels open for daily use. These carrels belong to HU home zone.

The terms of use at other locations may differ from these strict regulations. For more detailed information, please read the following pages or seek advice in person at the help desks:

Electronic Publishing

The edoc server can be used by all HU members to publish their academic papers in open access.

Subject Librarians

Our subject librarians are your contact persons and will gladly be of assistance for specialised information and research.

HU-Homezone in the Grimm-Zentrum

Due to permanent overcrowding of the Grimm-Zentrum, we had to establish a HU-Homezone in the Grimm-Zentrum. This way, HU members have a better chance to find a workstation. More details and a longer explanation of this regulation can be found at Regulations for study desks (home zone, break disks).

Textbook Collection

Books pertaining to the textbook collection can only be issued by HU members. As students, you can borrow these books for 4 weeks. Should there be no reservation, the lending perioc can be extended up to 84 days in total.

Reference Management

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin offers campus licences for Citavi and Endnote. We offer you comprehensive information about the services of these and other reference management programmes. Additionally, the library regularly offers trainings for these programmes.

The Computer and Media Service offers many more licences for HU students as well. A comprehensive overview can be found at Software Service.


In order to make effective use of the library services, we recommend our trainings. Here you get to know different reference management programmes and research strategies. There are also trainings for tutors, student assistants and high school students. Some of these courses can only be attended by HU members.

Contact information

Do you have any questions, suggestions or criticisms regarding the services listed above? Please contact us at: info@ub.hu-berlin.de.

For more detailed information you should also consult the A-Z.