Using online resources

Technical requirements for the access to licensed online resources of the UB

In order to access the licensed resources, members of the HU must be logged on to the computer at Humboldt University with their CMS account from the Computer and Media Service. When studying at home, you can access licensed full texts via VPN. Please note that in the first step the VPN connection must be established before the browser is opened. Only then the online content can be accessed. If you, as a member of the HU, use the HU Network via WLAN, you also have access to all online resources.

If you are not a member of the HU, you can only use the licensed online resources via the public computer workstations. To do this, first you must change your password (see also our instructions for Internet use). Even if you have access to the Internet via WLAN and the eduroam account from your home institution, you cannot access the online resources of the HU. You can access only the online resources of your home institution.

Accessing online documents

Click "Online access" or "Check online access" when a search result appears in Primus. Documents marked with "Online access" lead you directly to the selected online resource in a new browser window. By clicking "Check online access", you choose from a list of possible collections and then have access to the full text.

If you are in the HU network, you will usually be directed to the respective publisher's site where you can access the source directly. In the case of journals, it may be necessary to select the relevant year, issue, and then the article. However, the access conditions may vary from source to source and depend on the underlying license.

Legal conditions for the use of online resources at the University Library

The library of Humboldt-Universität makes licensed online resources available to its users exclusively for personal academic use. It is not permitted to share the licensed content, in whole or in part, whether in digital form (e.g. electronic data carriers), by remote access or in analog form (e.g. paper copies). Reproduction of the licensed contents or parts of the licensed contents for the purpose of distribution (including via the Internet) and sales (whether commercial or free of charge) is not permitted. Any translation, adaptation or other transformation of the licensed content or parts of the licensed content is prohibited. The use of robotic systems such as spiders, crawlers etc. for downloading licensed content as well as the systematic downloading of content is not permitted. The copyright law in force since 1 March 2018 regulates text and data mining in § 60d UrhWissG. For further information please contact:
The possible uses provided by the provider/publisher are not affected hereby. All rights, in particular the rights of use and commercial exploitation of the media and information services are the exclusive property of the respective providers/publishers.

Users will be excluded from access to our electronic services in case of illegal use.