Please return your borrowed books to the branch library from which you borrowed them.
Items from the Central Library ("Grimm Zentrum"), Campus Nord, the Natural Sciences Library and the Foreign Languages/Literatures Branch Library can be returned to any of these four locations. Interlibrary loans must be returned to the branch library where they were received.

You must also pay any late fees or inter-library loan fees at this point.

In many branch libraries, items can be returned by using return machines or self-service entry.

Returns via post

Note: Return borrowed materials to the lending desk by post at your own risk! The date of receipt by the lending desk is considered the return date.


Universitätsbibliothek der HU Berlin
Location (e.g. Grimm-Zentrum or Germanistik...)     
Benutzung/ Leihstelle                                                                                                         
Unter den Linden 6                                                                 
D - 10099 Berlin