Lending conditions and loan periods at the Humboldt University Library vary in detail among its branches. There are, however, some general regulations in the Benutzungsordnung and there is information about charges involved in the Gebührenordnung.

Overview of our lending conditions.

With regard to special cases of borrowing reference items from either the Central Library or from a branch library the Sonderregelungen für die Ausleihe apply.

  • In this way you can search and order literature from the University Library:
    Help concerning the Online Catalogue

  • In your user account you may check your orders, the materials you have on loan and possible charges involved. You may extend the loan period of the items you borrowed, update your address and check whether your library card is still valid:
    Help concerning the user account

  • In order to borrow books it is required to provide a valid E-Mail address in your user account, because all notifications such as reminders, loan receipts and return receipts will only be send by E-Mail.