Subito for HU staff members

What is "Subito for HU staff members"?

As an HU staff member, you receive free access to the document delivery service Subito, through which you can order copies of articles from over 1.5 million journals on our account. Orders from print and e-resources are accepted. This offer applies exclusively to journal articles that are NOT available at the HU University Library.
A so-called subcustomer account will be created for you so that you can order independently.

Orders are only permitted for purposes related to official business.

The number of orders is limited to 10 per month and per HU employee. Of course, you can also use the Subito document delivery service beyond this, but then at your own expense. To do so, you must register as a direct customer with Subito.

Who can use this offer?

HU staff members who have a library card can order free of charge via Subito. Please register using the form below.

After verification and creation of a user account by us, you will be activated for ordering copies of articles (normal service only).

Your user account will usually be activated on weekdays within 48 hours. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from us when you have been activated.

What can I order?

Please check in advance in the Primus search portal whether the journal article is available at our library. Advantage: you can access e-resources directly and quickly via VPN. If the article is only available in print form at the HU University Library and you need it for teaching purposes, you are welcome to order it via our scan service.

How can I order and what does it cost?

You order online via the HU subcustomer page. Only then will the University Library cover all costs for the delivered copies of the articles. Please note that since 01.07.2021 the cost coverage by the HU University Library is limited to 10 orders per month and per person. If you would like to order more than ten articles, please register as a direct customer with Subito.

You can also find further assistance directly on the Subito pages.
You can only order journal articles in the normal service this way. If you would like to order books or journals (in express service), you can register as a direct customer with Subito. The costs for orders placed by you as a direct customer cannot be covered by us.

How do I receive the ordered articles?

The quickest way to receive your order is to choose "PDF" as your delivery option. If you select "Postal delivery" or "Fax", the order will be forwarded to you via our library. This costs time, of course.

However, for copyright reasons, delivery by e-mail is not possible for all journal articles, in which case please choose the delivery method post or fax.

How long does the delivery take?

The orders are delivered within three working days.

To the sub-user login page / order placement

To the sub-user login page / order placement

Data protection information concerning Subito

When you use the Subito delivery service, personal information is exchanged solely between us and Subito. This data exchange is solely for the purpose of enabling the Subito research and ordering process. Please refer to Subito's data privacy policy to learn what personal data is exchanged.

Application form for a Subito sub-user account of the HU:

By sending this form I declare that I have read and accept the above conditions.




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